MD&AIBECS® - 该集成解决方案发电厂控制和监测


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Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine Services, Parts & Repairs

关于MD&A凭借丰富的35年的发电行业经验,机械动力学与分析是最值得信赖的公司为涡轮发电机的需求。必威app安卓版我们对卓越的承诺赢得了客户的信任所有的涡轮发电机的需求。我们专注于提供始终如一的品质和价值具有响应速度快,卓越的通信和创新的解决方案。MD&A [...]

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Turbine Bucket Redesign & Modification

Turbine Bucket Redesign

必威app安卓版机械动力学和分析(MD&A)上的变速汽轮机进行的涡轮机叶片的重新设计和修改。该单元是用于压缩机/冷却器的基本原动机。转子被送到密苏里州圣路易斯MD&A的汽轮发电机维修基金为标准喷砂清理,无损检测和目视检查。检查台3 L-0级叶片和[...]

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Fuel Nozzle End Cover Insert Life Extension

Fuel Nozzle End Cover Insert

集成电路(集成有限公司mbustion Solutions) / MD&A Fuel Nozzle Services Division can extend the service life of a Fuel Nozzle End Cover. The life expectancy of an end cover increases from the OEM claim of 48,000 hrs. to over 125,000 hrs. with a new maximum of 7 insert replacements per cover. A braze-cracking issue can occur […]

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汽轮机Valve Actuator Diagnostics for Predictive Maintenance


M&DA Control Systems recently analyzed Steam Turbine Valve Actuator Diagnostics to establish a plan for Predictive Maintenance. Hysteresis Test data was gathered and utilized to establish an in-service predictive maintenance practice. This practice has allowed the customer to optimize their unit’s operational availability while reducing their maintenance costs. The predictive approach allows savings to be […]

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Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis (MD&A) recently completed generator field rewind with a rotor slot dovetail repair on a customer’s GE® 650,000 KVA generator field. The work scope was performed at the customer’s direction with regards to applicable Technical Information Letters. Incoming visual and mechanical inspections were first completed, as well as a runout inspection in […]

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Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis (MD&A) experts recently performed a thermodynamic analysis to assist our client in converting their coal and natural gas plant to combined cycle operation. The customer was able to locate a gray market Gas turbine and Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG). Our team modeled how each component would interact with one another, […]

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MD&A Company Video


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D11 Problems & Repair Solutions

D11 Bowed Rotor | D11 Problems & Repairs Solutions

在正常中断的共同GE®D11汽轮机,在联合循环应用中广泛使用的单壳体HP / IP的设计,要求很高增加焦点,以及用于可靠性,效率,和工厂安全持续关注。根本原因是由持续循环和低负荷运行以市场为导向的呼叫愈演愈烈。修改后用于更高的效率和相容性与7FA气体单元[...]

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