Advanced Rotor Welding

Rotating power generation equipment forged shaft steels are designed to provide reliable operation due to thermal, mechanical, and environmental wear. In some cases, forged shaft steels can be damaged due to this normal wear, causing corrosion pitting, scoring, hardening, low cycle fatigue cracking, high cycle fatigue cracking, stress corrosion cracking, and/or creep cracking.

Procurement of a new rotor shaft forging is a very costly and lengthy process that can take up to 24 months. Alternatively, weld repair or restoration can be accomplished for a fraction of the cost and in less time.

MD&A focuses on offering both in-kind, as well as upgraded weld filler materials that address many of the most common operational and stress-related failures. MD&A is capable of providing full turnkey weld repair and reconditioning services to include equipment inspections and damage assessment, weld repair solution definition and recommendations, baseline and weld repair geometry finite element analysis, as well as root cause failure analysis.

第一阶段 - 期刊,油封领域,伪区域和轴端/间腺区的堆焊。

第二阶段 - 接头焊接集结,推力衣领,车轮和燕尾/刀片安装区域。

Centrally located in St. Louis, the MD&A Turbine-Generator Repair Facility has successfully completed many shaft weld repairs of steam turbines, gas turbines, and generator rotating fields.

• The welding station is capable of performing weld repairs / restorations of steam turbine, gas turbine, and generator rotating fields up to 45' in length, 12' in diameter, and 100 tons in weight.

•小池 - 阿伦森转子焊接站与林肯千安培AC / DC SAW(亚弧焊)头弧机400安培钨极氩弧焊(钨极氩弧焊)负责人。

• The welding station has a footprint of 50' long and 20' wide with a Scarab II weld manipulator that has a 14' tall mast and a 7' boom reach.



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